About KRAM Capital

KRAM Capital Group LLC is a leading independent commercial and residential real estate lending firm. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our nationwide reach connects clients with funding for both commercial and residential real estate investment opportunities across the U.S. 

Clients benefit from our senior team’s strong track record of 20+ years of commercial and residential lending experience, totaling $2 billion in combined transactions. Since 2017, KRAM Capital Group has combined exceptional service with online resources to create a completely personalized experience for each individual client.  

During the loan application process, we’ll assess your experience, credit strength and financial stability to develop a customized loan strategy for your deal. We partner with key capital partners to offer a wide range of products for investors of all types.

KRAM Capital helps you to maximize your financial leverage so you can grow and expand your portfolio. 

Our main product offerings include:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Multifamily properties
  • Residential investment
  • Bridge loans
  • Vacation rentals

We provide funding to real estate investors of all sizes, from mom and pops to institutional firms, to craft a financial approach that is tailored to fit your needs. You’ll benefit from flexible financing terms and competitive market rates while enjoying personalized service with the right amount of support based on your level of experience. 

Real estate has the potential to provide investors with consistent passive income and above average returns over the long run. KRAM Capital helps you thrive in the real estate market at any level of experience. 

What People Say ?

Thank you for doing such a great job with our loan. You all made the process seamless and that is always appreciated, no matter how complex the process.

Sara Willams

Why Choose Us?

KRAM Capital has helped me achieve my growth and financial goals. I’ve used other lenders for both SBA and Conventional loans in the past and there is no comparison as to how smooth and efficient this process was.

David H.

Thank you so much!

For any Restaurateur who needs help obtaining the necessary financing for their business, I would truly recommend KRAM Capital.

Walter Parks

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