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Your Premier Residential Bridge Loan Partner

At Kram Capital Group, we are more than just an independent commercial loan broker, we’re your strategic partner in the world of residential bridge lending. You’ve come to the correct spot whether you are looking to buy, refinance, or start a rehab project. We take great pride in customizing our residential bridge loan product to meet your specific needs.

Why choose Kram Capital for a Residential Bridge Loan?

Eligible Investor

Your experience and track are key qualifying factors for the residential bridge. Yes, your credit is important, but experienced investors benefit from the bridge.


Whether you’re refinancing an existing investing property or buying a new one, our bridge loans provide unmatched flexibility.

Loan Structure

Do you prefer to use the BRRRR approach of buying to rehab and hold, or are you buying to rehab and sell? Have you recently finished a renovation or new build and need to fill the gap until the property sells? Well, guess what? You’ve arrived at the ideal location! At Kram Capital, we’re pros at tailoring our bridge loans to meet your specific requirements.

Key factors of the Residential Bridge Loans:

Competitive Interest Rates:

We offer competitive interest rates.

Loan Flexible Terms:

The loan terms we offer align with the investors experience and track record.

Effortless Approval:

Approval processes is streamline to insure swift decisions.

No Prepayment Penalties:

No charges for early loan payoff

Loan Process:

Initial Consultation

Connect with our team so that we can gain understanding of your loan objectives and assess your eligibility.

Loan Application

Complete a simple loan application and provide the required documents.

Underwriting and Approval

Our expert team of underwriters carefully examines your application and required document and issue a loan approval.


Rapid closing times. Usually less than 30 days.

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