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SBA 7(a) Loan Financing Criteria – Unlocking Small Business Success

KRAM Capital is your trusted partner in helping small business owners secure the vital commercial funding they need. The Small Business Administration’s 7(a) loan program offers a remarkable opportunity, providing up to $5 million in financing to start-up companies and existing small businesses. This program is tailored to meet a variety of general business needs, including startup capital, acquisitions, and expansions. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process. Start your application today!

What Can the 7(a) Loan Be Used For?

The 7(a) loan is a versatile financing option that can be utilized for a wide range of business purposes, including real estate purchases for business occupancy, startup capital, expansion, equipment acquisitions, working capital, and that you qualify without personal or business income verification.

What Is the Borrowing Limit?

The 7(a) loan program offers a maximum loan amount of $5,000,000, providing ample financial flexibility for your business goals.

What Are the Loan Terms?

Commercial real estate loans can extend up to 25 years. Working capital, inventory, and equipment loans can have terms of up to 10 years.

Who Can Occupy Real Estate Under the 7(a) Loan?

For business-occupied real estate purchased or renovated using a 7(a) loan, the borrower must occupy a minimum of 51% of the rentable property. In the case of new construction, the borrower must maintain occupancy of at least 60% of the rentable property for the life of the loan.

What Is the Maximum Loan Leverage with a 7(a) Loan?

With a 7(a) loan, you can leverage up to 90% of the financing you need for your business.

Eligible Businesses and Real Estate Include, but Not Limited To:




Auto Repair Shops

Medical Office

Dental office

Car Washes

Assisted Living Facilities

Self-Storage Facilities





Montessori Schools

Day Care/Child Care Facility

Liquor Stores


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