Commercial Bridge, Multi-family Bridge and Residential Bridge Loans

When time is of essence, a bridge loan can be your best financing option, especially during a challenging economy. Bridge loans allow you to move quickly to acquire a new property and reposition it, even with unstabilized properties not eligible for permanent financing. 

KRAM Capital facilitates both Asset-Based and Credit-Based bridge loan programs.  Our bridge loans typically include benefits such as:

  • No Prepayment Penalty 
  • Fixed- Rate Interest Only
  • 12 – 36 Month Term
  • First Lien Position

Types of Bridge Loans for Real Estate Investors

Commercial Bridge Loans

When a good deal comes across an investor’s desk, the ability to close quickly is paramount. The commercial bridge makes it simple for experienced commercial property investors to identify an opportunity and move quickly towards closing.

  • Minimum loan amount: $1,000,000
  • Used for quick transaction
  • No minimum credit requirement
  • Properties can be vacant or occupied
  • Rehab funds available

Multi-Family Bridge Loans 

Apartment investors love finding off-market deals for underperforming properties. Whether the apartment has low rental rates compared to the broader market, is dilapidated, suffers from poor property management or landlord burnout, a bridge loan allows you to move quickly and close fast.

  • Apartments with 5+ units
  • No minimum occupancy
  • Fast closing
  • No minimum credit
  • Renovation funds available
  • Minimum loan amount $500,000

Residential Bridge Loans 

A residential bridge loan allows Flip and Flip investors to get out of a high-interest loan between rehab completion and sale of the property. This program is also a favorite of investors whose construction loan is nearing maturity before the property is sold.

  • No minimum credit
  • Close quickly
  • Interest-only terms
  • No prepayment penalty

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