RESIDENTIAL LOANS Residential Rental, Fix N Flip, Fix 2 Rent,
Blanket Loans and Lines of Credit

Residential Rental, Fix N Flip, Fix 2 Rent, Blanket Loans and Lines of Credit 

Real estate investors looking for residential loans can choose from a range of financing  opportunities with KRAM Capital Group. Get a fast, reliable closing no matter what experience  level you have.

Types of Residential Loans for Real Estate Investors

Residential Rental Loans 

A residential rental loan opens the door to a new or expanded real estate portfolio for both first time and seasoned investors. Use this loan to purchase a long-term rental property. KRAM  Capital helps you find the financing that’s best suited for the type of property you’re interested  in, with loans starting as low as $200,000 and going all the way up to $3 million. Residential  rental loans can be used for a purchase, a cash out refinance or a rate and term refinance.

Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you a cash infusion to pursue your next real estate investment opportunity.  At KRAM Capital, we look at a variety of factors beyond a minimum credit score. Instead, we  look at the property itself as well as other circumstances like your experience and liquidity.  

An Exposure Line of Credit allows you to grow your business more aggressively by controlling  up to 10X your liquidity. With $200,000 in liquidity, you could qualify for a credit line of up to $2  million.  

The majority of long-term rental investors who use the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance,  Repeat) method love the Exposure Line of Credit because they can do multiple deals  simultaneously. Get access to a minimum of $500,000 and use the funds to either rehab new  properties or build your B-R-R-R-R strategy.  

Fix N Flip Loans

Gain entry into real estate investing with a Fix and Flip Loan to buy, rehab and sell property.  Available for projects nationwide, you can borrow up to $3 million with competitive rates and  flexible loan structures to meet your needs.  

Buy, Fix and Sell your next property at a profit by financing both the purchase price and up to  100% of your rehab costs. The more investor experience you have, the more you’re able to  finance. 

 Eligible properties include: 

  • Single family residences 
  • Condos 
  • Townhomes 
  • Duplex, triplex and quadplex 

KRAM helps you navigate each step of the process to get approved for a Fix and Flip Loan and  close on time so you can stay on schedule with contractors and listing dates.

Fix 2 Rent

A Fix 2 Rent Loan helps you build passive income with a portfolio of rental properties. One loan  application gets you the financing you need to both rehab a property and lock in a long-term  mortgage to keep the property rather than flip it.

Enjoy both monthly rental income as well as long-term market appreciation by finding a Fix 2 Rent Loan with KRAM Capital. 

Blanket Loans

A blanket loan includes multiple properties under one mortgage. It’s usually used for a portfolio  of at least three residential rentals. KRAM Capital is experienced with blanket loans and can  align you with best possible financing available. We’re well-versed on the industry, whether you  want to buy more properties, reduce your monthly payments or simply cash out equity.

Types Of Property We Finance







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Manufactured Housing

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